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The Start Of My Dream Trip

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It is the day before my big trip. I am so exciting I cannot sleep; I do not know what to expect. All I know is that this trip will we be something to tell my grandchildren. I am going to many famous places on my trip like Brazil, France Australia and many more. It's getting pretty late better go and finish packing my bags because my flight will be leaving at 7:00am.

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I had arrived in Argentina around 8pm so the flight took around 13 hours. When I had arrived here at night the first thing that had come to my mind is that the people here in Argentina is are very friendly, on my way to the hotel we were passing the downtown of Argentina and I had took in how lively the culture is here. I better get a good night sleep if I want to do anything fun tomorrow that flight was 8851 kilometers long. My cost for the flight is 1596 Canadian dollars. The next day as I got up I had gone down for some breakfast. I had ordered a delicious omelet with onions green peppers, tomatoes and jalapenos. Tasted great. I had woke up really early that day so I could go sightseeing when I got back I was dead tired when I was walking around I had noticed that Argentina has gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and lively culture, Argentina is a traveler’s paradise. It stretches almost 3500km from Bolivia to the tip of South America, encompasses a wide array of geography and climates, and is almost the size of India. Nature-lovers can traverse the Patagonian steppe, climb South America’s highest peak, walk among thousands of penguins and witness the world’s most amazing waterfalls. Hikers can sample the stunning scenery of the lush Lake District – with its glorious lakes and white-tipped mountains – and revel in Patagonia’s glacier-carved landscapes and painted Andean deserts. City slickers will adore fabulous Buenos Aires, full of opportunities to learn Spanish, watch futbol (soccer), dance the sexy tango and interact with dynamic and beautiful portenos (Buenos Aires locals). You’ll be out shopping for designer clothes at affordable prices and eating the world’s best steaks every day while partying at nightclubs all night long. Some interesting things about Argentina is that its area is 2.8 million sq km, the languages spoken are mostly Spanish, and its population is 40, 301, 927

The Downtown area of Argentina

The Downtown area of Argentina

.Buenos Aires-The City Of Culture

Buenos Aires-The City Of Culture

Gorgeous Landscapes

Gorgeous Landscapes

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I had fun at Argentina it was a very exciting start to this dream trip. I am now heading to Paraguay; Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. It is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. (A landlocked country is a country entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas. There are 48 landlocked countries in the world).Paraguay is divided by the Río Paraguay into the eastern region, called Eastern Paraguay (Paraguay Oriental) and known as the Paraná region; and the western region, officially called Western Paraguay (Paraguay Occidental) and also known as the Chaco. I was heading to Asunción, the capital of Paraguay looking for something to do. I was walking down the streets of Asunción I had noticed that the merchandise was quite cheap and everywhere I had gone I had seen people bargaining for something. I had to give it a shot. I had got a t shirt for 10 Canadian dollars. When I was down the streets of Asunción I had noticed that the residential buildings were really huge. There was a small creek pathway on the side of the building so I thought I would take a little detour. I had saw children playing futol on the soccer pitch, it was really a sight to see, it had remind me of the time when I use to play soccer. I had gone to go talk to one of the locals and he was telling me how sports in Paraguay are an important part of Paraguayan national culture. Football is the most popular sport, while other sports such as rugby union, volleyball, basketball, and tennis all have significant popularity. Football is by far the most popular sport in Paraguay to the point that it is part of the nation's culture. Some interesting facts about Paraguay is that the country also boasts the third most important free commercial zone in the world, the population is 6,454,548 people and that various poverty estimates suggest that 30–50% of the population is poor. In rural areas, 41.20% of the people lack a monthly income to cover basic necessities, whereas in urban centers this figure is 27.6People Bargaining

People Bargaining

People playing futbol

People playing futbol




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Paraguay was a blast really reminded me of my childhood as a kid playing soccer, now it’s onto the Brazil. On my way to Brazil I’ll have to pass the Friendship Bridge. The Friendship Bridge is an arch bridge connecting the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu and the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este.
Onto Brazil which is the 5th largest country in the world. I am now heading to the Rio Othon Palace hotel for some sleep.
It was a sunny hot day her in Rio De Janeiro, what perfect way to start the day I had first gone to the beach for a nice swim :) .
I had first started walking down the streets of Rio and I noticed that many people were standing beside this nice looking building, it looked very rich, I had asked one of the other tourists that was there what that building was and he had told me that building was the United Nations Business Center. I thought to myself that’s why the building looks so rich... I had kept on walking and I had noticed that there were many museums in Brazil so I popped in one. The name of the museum is Museum de Arte de São Paulo. The São Paulo Museum of Art (in Portuguese, Museum de Arte de São Paulo, or MASP) is an art museum located on Paulista Avenue in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. It is well known for its headquarters, a 1968 concrete and glass structure designed by Lina Bo Bardi, whose main body is supported by two lateral beams over a 74 meters freestanding space, considered a landmark of the city and a main symbol of modern Brazilian architecture. The museum had many interesting pictures inside; some made me stop and think about them. After looking at Art for 2 hours I had knew it was coming to the end of South America I had to end of with something special so I had gone to see The Christ Redeemer statue in Rio. When I was driving there I had saw the statue from some distance away. The statue was huge but the people there were even more. The statue had meant some significance because I'm catholic, so seeing huge statue was a real surprise.

United Nations Buisness Center

United Nations Buisness Center

Sao Paulo Museum

Sao Paulo Museum

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United Kingdom

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It was the end of South America. I had a blast doing all the stuff; I had witnessed many amazing things now it was onto Europe for rich and historic culture, art, architecture, food, blending of many different ethnicities. I was first heading to United Kingdom then France and then Germany. When I arrived in the UK it was raining, not one of the best starts to coming to Europe. When I was at my hotel I had picked up a tourist guide looking for things to do so they were telling me Britain has a startling variety of natural habitats crawling with animals of every kind. You can also visit world-class zoos; gardens and parks filled with abundant plant- and wildlife from around the world. There’s also nothing quite like the great British outdoors; rolling hills, lush fields, jagged coastlines and spectacular views. And there's no better way to experience it than on foot. When I arrived in London there were two things I had wanted to do which were take one of those double Dekker bus' and see a English Premier soccer game. So I went by bus to the Manchester United Vs Arsenal. I had arrived at the stadium and the stadium was packed the fans were cheering so loud, they were so in so into the game. After the game I had meets some friends and they took me for some beers, they were all happy because Manchester had won the game they said they always go for a Beer after a win at the stadium. What a nice way to end the day.

Manchester United

Manchester United

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